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Residential Real Estate Transactions

Are you buying or selling a home? Are you leasing property? Help is here. With individualized attention, you will feel comfortable with one of the biggest financial decisions in your life, not like a commodity. 

Services provided at a flat rate.

Corporate Formation and Governance


Do you have a business? Are you protected from liability? Forming an entity helps protect business owners from personal liability and set rules for the operation of the business. A skilled legislative drafter, Andrew can also help navigate bylaw disputes or set up customized governance plans for your entity. 

Basic services provided at a flat rate.

Additional services billed hourly. 

Local Courts

Including Code Violations & Traffic


Traffic Ticket? City Code violation? Small claims or local court dispute? Misdemeanor or Criminal violation?     Look no further. With local knowledge and experience help is available for all of your local court needs.

Services billed hourly, appearances at flat rate.

Wills and Planning/Surrogate's

The Law Office of Andrew Buder offers affordable and assessable planning documents including Wills, Living Wills, Powers of Attorney, Health Care Proxies and basic trusts. Will meet in person and virtual appointments available, the difficulties around finding time to go to an attorneys office should not stop you from planning to the future.


Additionally, this office also provides services relating to uncontested Probate and Administration Proceedings. 

Planning documents prepared at a flat rate.

Surrogate's matters billed hourly.

Issue and Case Evaluation


One of the most common issues that people face is they come across an issue and they do not know the solution. Do they need a lawyer? Is there a regulatory office that handles the issue? Is this really a case? What type of case do I have and what type of lawyer do I need?

Sometimes all that is needed is half an hour or an hour to be pointed in the right direction and given different options. With extensive legal and government experience, Andrew is happy to help sort though issues and outline a course of action - be it on your own, with further assistance from this office or a referral to the appropriate specialist.  

Discounted Initial Consultation 

Additional services/time billed hourly.

Election Law 

Focusing on State and Local Elections, Andrew has extensive experience advising candidates for various offices through all stages of running for office. Experienced in the process, Andrew can supervise the campaign finance filings for many candidates for State and local offices.

Please contact regarding billing. 

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