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An office focused on offering the 

accessibility, insight, and flexibility that only a local practitioner can provide. 



Real Estate 

Corporate Formation and Governance

Local Code Violations & Traffic

Wills, Trusts, and Surrogate's

Issue and Case Evaluation

Election Law


Founded in 2018, the Law Office of Andrew Buder is a local practice focused on Westchester County with offices in New Rochelle, NY.


The Firm strives to meet the local needs of those in Westchester including providing flexible and non-traditional hours, virtual meetings, and come to you options. Most of the time, when you need a lawyer there is enough stress already. Meeting your lawyer should not add to the stress. The local and accommodating approach is designed to make the process easiest for the client.

With a practice focused on the every day things that people need, Andrew Buder, Esq. understands that the Manhattan big-firm approach and price tag are not what most people need in their every day lives. Clients are people, not commodities. Individualized attention and approach is key. Each client must be comfortable with the entire process and fully informed at all times. 

Focused on areas of practice that people need at home, Andrew takes the a direct approach to all matters - get things done. Addressing the clients needs and reaching outcomes effectively is key. 


There are times that a solo practitioner cannot handle a matter. When a specialist or big-firm is needed, Andrew believes that it is his role to help guide clients through the process and to find the best specialist for their need. 

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